Menyoli William Nzeparh

Social Worker

Menyoli William Nzeparh is Graduate in food safety with technical and hands-on knowledge in quality control, sensitization on propernutrition and good hygiene and project management. Strong analytical skills and sharp leadership acumen with a focus on research and project management. Proven ability to learn fast and open to new and creative ideas. He’s been a Member of Young African Aid Association: (Young African Aid Association Lebialem Fontem Cameroon)

Menyoli William Nzeparh has a PHD in Post-Harvest Management 2018 ongoing distant learning from the University of Buea. Cameroon, Professional MSc Food Safety from thesam (Centre for Research Training in Graduate Studies in Life Heath and Environmental Sciences University of Yaoundé I) and has professional training in;

  • Training on programing for infant and young child feeding, Cornell University, UNICEF. October 2017.
  • Training Seminar on the use of social network and information technology for the development and facilitation of the commercialization of small and medium size enterprises. MTN Cameroon. November 2017.
  • Training course on the International Legal Framework on Fresh Water Resources from the United Nations.
  • Environmental Law and Conventions Portal. InforMEA. September 2017.