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Who We Are

BAWAC is a young and dynamic Cameroonian Organization protecting women and children through human Rights Protection, Youth development and Entrepreneurship Hygiene, Sanitation and Health, as well as peace guiding and conflict Resolution.


A dignified life for all women and children


BAWAC supports underprivileged groups on Health, Human Rights, Governance and wealth creation issues using community centered approach and advocacy

Core Values

BAWAC is guided by three key principles, summarized in Honesty and transparency for all beneficiaries, donors, partners and team BAWAC

  • Honesty and transparency for all beneficiaries, donors, partners and team BAWAC
  • Accountability
  • Community and
  • Transparency


  • To promote and protect the rights of women and children.
  • To help alleviate poverty through self-help programs and projects.
  • To engage women in peace-building and conflict resolution..
  • To promote Hygiene,Sanitation and Health programs and Entrepreneurship.

Our Team

BAWAC is managed by a team of devoted employees with a spirit of social cohesion and provision for humanitarian and development work. Coordinated by the founder and executive director, BAIYE FRIDA EBAI, BAWAC in addition to her full time staff hires consultants and volunteers to supplement efforts for specific duration based on need.

Ijang B. Ngyah-Etchutambe

Ijang B. Ngyah-Etchutambe

Education/Psychosocial Rehabilitation Coordinator
She is a teacher and trainer and is passionate and involved in coaching adolescent girls in her community through the identity crises to successfully achieving their life goals
Honorine Echike Epse Eyong

Honorine Echike Epse Eyong

GBV/Child Protection Coordinator
She is a Corporate Communication specialist with several years of experience in communication-related fields and spheres of business development. A gender-based /child protection specialist and coordinator for BAWAC.
Glennise Ayuk T

Glennise Ayuk T

Glennise Ayuk T. is a final year medical student at the Faculty of Heath Sciences, University of Buea. She is also a sexual and reproductive health blogger at www.pregcompanion.com.
Menyoli William Nzeparh

Menyoli William Nzeparh

Social Worker
Menyoli William Nzeparh is Graduate in food safety with technical and hands-on knowledge in quality control, sensitization on proper nutrition and good hygiene and project management.
Marcelline Gaahabam Ngwa

Marcelline Gaahabam Ngwa

Marcelline Gaahabam Ngwa epse Akumbu is a Corporate Communications expert/Administrator with a Master's in Corporate Communications

Legal Status

BAWAC is a legally registered Non-Government /Non-profit organisation Founded in 2014 and legalized in 2017 with

Registration No. 887/G37/D84/VOL.II/SASC